Objective: Setup the Idle and Running animation transitions to one another. Also, have the player animations rotate in both directions when they’re moving.

To start we want to have transitions go from Idle->Running, and from Running->Idle. Next, we need a Parameter to have the Player go from Idle->Running. …

Objective: Player need to collect 10 coins to activate the elevator. Also, keep the player jumping in the forward direction only, and allowing the player to jump from one wall to another to climb up.

Let’s quickly setup the Player to collect coins in this scene. From the previous scene…

Objective: Have the Player lose a life every time they fall below into a Dead Zone area. Also, respawn the Player back at its starting position and displaying how many lives are left onscreen.

To show the player’s lives onscreen, let’s duplicate the Coins text game object and use the…

Rhett Haynes

Learning to become a Unity game developer.

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