Objective: Fix the background music to play after the Intro Cutscene finish playing. Also, turn off the cutscene when it finish playing and bring back Darren the player character.

Let’s start by opening the Intro Cutscene Timeline editor. Create an Animation Track, drag Background Music into its slot, and click…

Objective: Add background music to the game as it’s playing. Also, add captured music and Oliver’s voice over clip when the player is captured in the Game Over Cutscene.

To add background music to the game, begin with creating an Empty game object name Background Music inside the Audio Manager

Objective: Fix the player’s movement along the NavMesh after the cutscene plays. Also, remove the guard’s security card from the game view after the cutscene is over.

We were able to fix the Main Camera’s position after the Sleeping Guard Cutscene plays, but a new problem came up when the…

Objective: Have the cutscene fade to black at the end of its duration, and deactivating the the fade out right before the game starts again. Also, fix the Main Camera’s position back to the original game’s view.

A problem arose when using the Sleeping Guard Cutscene Timeline editor. The Main…

Rhett Haynes

Learning to become a Unity game developer.

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