My 90 day journey becoming a Unity game developer: Day-31

Objective: Add a thruster to the ship’s tail.

First, we will head over to the Sprites folder in Assets and go to the Thruster folder. Drag the first thruster sprite onto the Player itself. If the thruster game object is to big, scale it down to the appropriate size of the ship. Drag the thruster and position it to the back of the ship.

Thruster added to the player and positioned to the back of the ship.

With the thruster selected, go to the Animation window or select Window->Animation->Animation to open the Animation tab. Click the Create animation button and place the new thruster animation in the Animations folder. Press the record button, then select the first thruster animation and go all the way down to Shift-click the last animation which will select all of the thruster animations. Drag them into the dopesheet and press play to see the animations in action.

Thruster animation

This is final result with the thruster attached to the ship in actual gameplay. I forgot to change the thruster’s name earlier, but I did changed the name to Thruster.

Thruster working with the ship in unison.

Next we will work on the player’s damage visualization.

Learning to become a Unity game developer.