My journey becoming a Unity game developer: 2.5D Infinite Runner-Player loses lives and Respawns at a particular location

Player loses lives when they collide into the Dead Zone, lives lost is displayed onscreen, and level restarts when the Player loses all 3 lives.
Lives text object created to show the player’s lives onscreen.
Text field’s height changed.
Lives text and Coins text fields moved to the top of the screen.
Positioned the Lives text and Coins text to the upper-left corner of the screen.
Damage method for player to lose lives, and update onscreen.
Dead Zone created for the player to lose their life when they fall into it.
Player receives damage when they enter the Dead Zone object.
Respawn Location object created in the position of the Player when the game starts.
Respawn Location added to Dead Zone script, and Lives text added to UI Manager script.
Player loses lives and the amount of lives is updated onscreen.
Character Controller is disabled when the player dies, then respawns.
Coroutine to wait half-second before enabling the Character Controller again.
Player pauses half-second, then is able to play again.
Restart the game if the Player ends up with zero lives.
Display the starting values of lives and coins for the player.
Lives and Coins displays the starting amount for the Player to begin with.




Learning to become a Unity game developer.

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Rhett Haynes

Rhett Haynes

Learning to become a Unity game developer.

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