My journey becoming a Unity game developer: 2.5D Infinite Runner-Push a box onto a Pressure Pad and Escape

Player pushing box onto the Pressure Pad, jumps up to the upper level, and escapes to the next scene.
Player allowed to push the box a certain distance before it can’t move anymore.
When the box lands on the Pressure Pad, the box can’t move and color change to blue.
Player pushes box onto the Pressure Pad which turns blue, and the box becomes a static object on the pad.
Platforms created for the upper level area.
Platforms positioned with their assigned points.
Platforms not working correctly because of their rigidbodies.
Platforms positions frozen to keep them in their natural position when colliding with another object.
Platforms doesn’t fly away when colliding with another object. Also, the player can’t go through the platform.
Exit created for the player to escape from the scene.
Collider added to the particles to be a trigger for the player to go to the next scene.
Organized the scenes in the Build Settings.
Player pushes box on pad, jumps up using the moving platforms to reach the upper level, and escapes through the exit.



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Rhett Haynes

Rhett Haynes

Learning to become a Unity game developer.