My journey becoming a Unity game developer: 2.5D Infinite Runner-Moving Platform with player

Player can stand on the moving platform without falling off and jump off the platform as well.
Main Camera is a child of the Player object.
Game changed to 2D view and Aligned with View.
Rigidbody added to the Moving Platform.
Moving Platform variables assigned.
Using Fixed Update to handle the platform’s movement.
OnTrigger() function used for when the player lands on and off the platform.
Moving Platform script assigned with the other platform’s positions.
Moving Platform moving, but rotating out of the screen.
Use the Constraints to Freeze Rotation on the X,Y, and Z-axis of the Moving Platform.
Player can’t stay on the moving platform.
Is Trigger turned on for the Capsule collider of the player which allow them to stay on the platform.
Player can stand on the platform without falling off.
Modularize the Moving Platform and its target objects within a new Moving Platform game object.
2nd Moving Platform added to the scene.



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Rhett Haynes

Rhett Haynes

Learning to become a Unity game developer.