My journey becoming a Unity game developer: 2.5D Infinite Runner-Ledge Grab System-Pt1

Player with a Ledge Grab Checker attached to check for any collisions with ledges.
Downloading a Hanging Idle animation from Mixamo.
Change Hanging Idle animation from Generic to Humanoid.
Duplicate Hanging Idle animation created.
Root Transforms Baked into Pose and Loop Time turned on.
Hanging Idle animation added to the Animator, transitioned and Ledge Grab Trigger created.
Transition from Any State to Hanging Idle with Ledge Grab Trigger Condition set.
Ledge Grab Checker created for the Player, and placed along their hands.
Player prefab now has the Ledge Grab Checker attached to them above their head.



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Rhett Haynes

Rhett Haynes

Learning to become a Unity game developer.