My journey becoming a Unity game developer: Audio Manager: Intro Cutscene Music Fixed and Cleanup

Cutscene plays with the actor Darren, then turns off returning the player Darren.
Animation track created for the background music in the Intro Cutscene timeline.
First keyframe changed to start at the end of the fade out within the Canvas animation track.
Activation tracks created for the Actors in the Intro Cutscene and Player to appear and disappear.
Only the Darren actor in the cutscene is onscreen.
Intro Cutscene Holder created to hold the cutscene and control playing and turning it off.
Intro Cutscene is turned off through the Intro Cutscene Holder activation track.
Player activation track’s Clip Timing adjusted to 2 frames before the end to return the player back onscreen.
Darren the actor plays in the cutscene, then Darren the player returns after the cutscene finishes playing.




Learning to become a Unity game developer.

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Rhett Haynes

Rhett Haynes

Learning to become a Unity game developer.

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