My journey becoming a Unity game developer: Beginning Cutscene-Blocking the scene

Rhett Haynes
3 min readOct 5, 2021

Objective: Positioning Darren, security cameras, and the Security Guards in the cutscene.

To begin setting up the scene, we will drag the Start Level Cutscene prefab with Darren sliding down the rope from the ceiling by the back door into the Scene View. Change the Transform positions to zero, then position Darren by the back door right behind the last jewelry display as the Director’s notes specify.

Start Level Cutscene prefab added to the scene and positioned.

When we play the animation, we will see Darren sliding down the rope to the floor ready for his next move.

Start Level Cutscene animation played.

Now add the Security Cameras into the Hierarchy, and move the cameras to the second and third columns in the front of the auction house according to the notes.

Security Cameras prefab positioned around the 2nd & 3rd columns.

We see the Security Cameras come with cone-shaped colliders attached to them for if Darren steps into the colliders, he will be seen on camera by security. Also, when we click on the Camera_1 object, we will see the lighting used from the material created to be a transparent light green color.

Security Cameras shown with colliders and without.

Next, we will add the Security Guard prefab into the Scene by the long display in the middle of the floor in the back of the room. Duplicate the security guard two more times so there will be 3 guards patrolling the area according to the Director’s notes.

Security guards added to the scene.

Finally, we want to organize the scene by changing the name of Start Level Cutscene game object to Actors. Then, create a new empty game object and rename it Guards which will hold all of the guards in the cutscene. Change the Transform positions to zero, then select all 3 security guards and drag them into the Guards object.

Game object Guards create to be a placeholder for all of the security guards.

Now we can work on composing the shot in the next article.