My journey becoming a Unity game developer: Beginning Cutscene-Polishing the Intro cutscene

Objective: Add audio tracks for the characters voice over dialogue and background music. Also, synch up the animations of each camera duration shot with how long Darren and Oliver talks in those shots.

We will start by creating an empty game object that will serve as a container for the audio objects name Audio. Set the Transform positions to zero, and create 2 more empty game objects name VO or Voice Over and Background Music. Set their Transform positions to zero as well, and place them inside the Audio game object.

Audio container created to hold audio tracks including the Intro scene and background music.

In the Timeline editor, create 2 new Audio Tracks for the VO and Background Music objects. Drag the Intro Cutscene Dialogue and Intro Cutscene Music audio clips into the timeline of each Audio Track, and position the clips to the beginning of the timeline. When we play the cutscene, we will here the background music playing while Darren and Oliver communicate with each other.

Voice Over and Background Music game objects added to audio tracks in Timeline.

Now we’re going to synch up the virtual camera shots duration to match up with the dialogue of Darren and Oliver in this cutscene. In the Cinemachine Track, we will need to manipulate the camera’s shot to match the dialogue by moving in the duration of the shot, or extending the duration of the shot. Plus, a couple of the cameras shots are blended into one another for their animation. Keep playing the Intro Cutscene in real-time to make sure the dialogue is matching the transition of the cameras shots.

Adjusted the virtual camera shots duration to match the dialogue of the characters.

Once every shot is adjusted to match the dialogue, the Intro Cutscene will match the Director’s storyboard and play out like this:

Learning to become a Unity game developer.