My journey becoming a Unity game developer: Cutscenes-Animation Track

Objective: Organizing the cutscene and using Timeline Activation Tracks.

Darren steals the card from the guard using Activation Track.

The cutscene will be activated through code using the Play on Awake in the Playable Director. Turn OFF the Sleeping Guard Cutscene game object and turn ON the Sleeping Guard object itself. Next, create an empty game object and name it Cutscenes. This will be used to organize our cutscenes in a nice, clean, organized way. Set the Transform positions to zero, and drag the Sleeping Guard Cutscene inside of it.

Created game object to hold all cutscenes.

To make Darren look like he actually steals the key card from the security guard, we will use an Activation Track. Activation Tracks allow us to enable and disable game objects during a Timeline sequence of events.

With the Sleeping Guard game object turn OFF and Sleeping Guard Cutscene turned ON and selected, go to Timeline and add a new Activation Track. Drag the Card game object under Office Chair inside Sleeping Guard Cutscene into the Activation Track’s slot. Then drag the Activation’s Track timeline into the position where Darren grabs the card.

Activation Track set up to have Darren steal the security card

We should now see the Security Guard’s card disappear when Darren starts to pull his hands away from the guard. Activation Tracks are quick and simple ways to animate game objects to appear or disappear from the cutscenes.



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