My journey becoming a Unity game developer: Cutscenes-Blocking the scene

Rhett Haynes
2 min readSep 11, 2021

Objective: Using a technique called Blocking the scene by setting up the actors in the Sleeping Security Guard scene.

The term Blocking the scene means working with performers to figure out the actors’ movements, body positions, and body language in a scene.

In creating a cutscene, we will be using actors instead of game assets because the actors will be created outside of Unity, animated, and rigged for the sole purpose of being used in cutscenes. This is why cutscenes video quality can be different from gameplay quality because of more details included.

Let’s start by adding the Get Card Cutscene into the Hierarchy. Place the actors into the location of the Sleeping Security Guard where the beginning of this scene will begin.

Get Card Cutscene added to scene and moved into the position of the Sleeping Guard.

Turn off the Security Guard game object in the Inspector as we’re going to use the actors to setup the scene.

Turning off the Security Guard game object to allow the actors from the cutscene to takeover.

Change the Get Card Cutscene game object’s name to Sleeping Guard Cutscene Actors to define these are actors performing a particular action in this scene.

Changed name of Get Card Cutscene to Sleeping Guard Cutscene Actors.

Since the actors are rigged and animated, the actors’ performance in the scene will look as follows:

Blocking the scene using the actors’ performance.

Once we finish Blocking the Scene, the next step will be Composing the Shot.