My journey becoming a Unity game developer: Game Over Cutscene-Activation Track and animation clip

Objective: Organize virtual cameras and create an Activation Track for the actors in the Captured Cutscene game object with an animation clip added to the timeline.

Activation track created with animation clip added.

Create an empty game object and name it CM Virtual Cameras. Make sure to set the Transform positions to zero. Place the 2 virtual cameras inside of the CM Virtual Cameras object. Then place the CM Virtual Cameras object into the Game Over Cutscene object.

Virtual cameras organized under game object for Game Over Cutscene.

Do a quick check by clicking on each virtual camera using Solo to see if the camera’s settings are intact.

Virtual cameras settings intact after organizational changes.

With the Game Over Cutscene object selected in the Hierarchy, go to Timeline and create a new timeline name Game Over Timeline.

Game Over Cutscene timeline created.

Create an Activation Track and drag the Captured Cutscene object into the slot of the track. The Captured Cutscene object has an Animator attached to it so there will be no need to create one. We will add the animation used in the Animator by double-clicking on the Captured Controller. When we click on the Captured Animation state, we will see the actual animation clip’s name used for this animation state under Motion.

Go back to the Animation Track and click on the 3 dots menu. Select Add from Animation Clip to find the animation clip used in the Captured Cutscene’s animation controller which will be CapturedAnimation clip in this case.

Activation Track created with an animation clip added.

Now if we play the animation clip, we should see the animation now playing under the control of Timeline.

It’s important to either create an Animation Track or add an animation clip in Timeline to control how it will be used in your cutscenes.

Learning to become a Unity game developer.