My journey becoming a Unity game developer: Make a game look beautiful-URP & Particles

Objective: Adding premade Fog particles to the test tubes for additional effects.

Fog particles used to show the test tubes are turned on.

We want to add a mist-like effect to the bottom of our test tubes in the Control Room. One way of creating this mist effect is to use the Unity Particle system (GameObject->Effects->Particle System). The other way we will add a mist effect is to use a premade game object from Filebase name Fog.

With Filebase open, go to Assets->VFX->Particles and download Fog game object.

Fog game object downloaded from Filebase.

Position the Fog object around the base of the 3 test tubes with it centered between the tubes.

Fog positioned around the test tubes.

We want the Fog to extend out just far enough past the steps for now to see our adjustments results. We will leave the presets for Duration is 5 and Looping turned on. However, let’s change the Start Lifetime to 2 and 5 which will randomly set the initial lifetime for particles. Change Start Speed to 0.05 and 0.3 which will randomly set the initial speed of each particle in the appropriate direction. Last, change the Start Size to 4 which will set the initial size of each particle. This should give the Fog a slower, more deliberate movement through the air.

Adjustments made through the Fog settings.

Also, we can make the Fog be affected by the cold environment by using the Gravity setting which will make the particles go downward towards the floor. Set the Gravity to 0.03 which will make the particles move slower towards the floor allowing us to see the mist appearing to be coming from the test tubes as it’s turned on.

Gravity added to the Fog particles making them go down.

Let’s adjust the intensity of the Fog particles by going to Start Color and lowering the Alpha channel. This will make the test tubes appear to be working normal allowing us to turn up the intensity on the Fog when the test tubes are in a dangerous mode.

Adjusted the intensity of the particles using the Color Alpha setting.

Since one of the test tubes are on a raised platform, the tubes aren’t on level ground. Rotate the Fog around 15 degrees on the X-axis which will tilt the Fog like a ramp.

Fog rotated to be leveled with the 3 test tubes.

We can also adjust the Fog to be closer to the bottom the test tubes by going to Shape, and change the Scale on the X-axis lower to make the Fog particles narrower.

Fog scaled to be closer to the test tubes.



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